Property Management

We learned it hands-on

Most third-party property managers don’t manage like owners. In our minds, that’s precisely how properties should be managed. We learned this from years of first-hand experience.

A direct line, not a dotted line

As a full-service property management company, there’s no part we don’t touch. We’re not in the shadows, managing indifferently. There’s not some standard inbox for your email, and you don’t get assigned a random, remote figurehead company representative.

We’re boots on the ground

Our sleeves are permanently rolled-up, sometimes even dressed in janitor’s clothes, we see, hear, and touch the building in a way we couldn’t otherwise. You’ll marvel at how smoothly things run when everyone’s held directly accountable, working together for the same goal.

Happy tenants occupy our building

They want to stay, and tell their friends about us, so they’ll move in too. How do we know? By our occupancy rates, of course. We treat your capital like it was our capital. We raise property values and lower operational costs. Our asset managers focus on getting your property value high, and then you can leverage it for your own agenda

“This building has an excellent management staff that is very accommodating, communicates very well, and is very professional.” - John Longo, Tenant, vXchnge 1500 Spring Garden, Philadelphia, PA

Asset Management

Asset management is in our blood

We work with you, shoulder-to-shoulder, removing opacity and identifying the pain points.

Our Fundamentals:

  1. We look at your capital like our capital
  2. We keep operations lean, so we can create heavy results
  3. We get proactive and spend on repairs now to save reactive expenses later
  4. We hold vendors accountable, and make sure they get their job done right
  5. We find every way to improve your property, cut costs, and increase your investment value

“We get leases signed. It’s one of our greatest strengths.” – Michael Murray, Nightingale’s Director of Engineering & Construction


Talented people band together by choice

Our team members are ambitious, dedicated, and in the upper echelon of their profession. They’re also highly educated, holding some of the most prestigious academic accolades and certifications in the industry.

Add years of practical experience to this solid academic foundation, and you’ve got a full picture. Most of our key people have been with us since opening day - school smarts are great, but there’s no substituting intuition and experience.

Numbers don’t lie

Don’t just take our word for it. Take the following Kingsley Report stats,* the industry leader in tenant satisfaction assessment. Here’s a survey of 15 properties across 9 states:

  1. Tenant Renewal Intentions = 4% Over Kingsley Average
  2. TI’s Quality of Work = 7% Over Kingsley Average
  3. TI’s Timeliness of Process = 4% Over Kingsley Average
  4. Value for Amount Paid = 3% Over Kingsley Average
  5. Management Accommodations with Special Requests = 4% Over Kingsley Average

At Nightingale, we understand the goals of our investors. Our properties perform like you’d expect of an investment.” – Andrew Martin, Nightingale’s CFO

*Based upon 2018 results

Construction Management

Cost-effective construction

Our construction management services lease up the asset by working closely with landlord and tenant reps. We ensure a fit out solution that takes into consideration tight timelines for occupancy and optimizes funds. We apply the same techniques to capital improvements and asset repositioning, driving projects forward on time, and on budget.

We’ve got the math down

Our in-house staff prides themselves on their ability to maximize efficiency through design building. Our site-specific knowledge allows us to offer more competitive rates than third party construction management. Our tried-and-tested equation: intimate knowledge of each facility + creative thinking, design, engineering, and constructing = success, every time.

Mike, the man

NGR Director of Engineering and Construction Michael Murray has over 20 years’ experience in construction and facility management. An industry leader in real estate and construction management, his team has a proven track record for massaging scopes—creating leasing deals where both landlord and tenants win.

“When tenants see you taking care of the small details, they know you’ll take care of the big ones.” – Reuben Stein, Nightingale’s Associate Director of Property Management